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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mexico Driver’s Coverage You May Not Know You Have

Save your receipts as you travel via toll road in Mexico. Your toll payments may provide you with important liability coverage. The following outlines a little-known insurance available to motorists traveling within Mexico.

User Security – Federal Highways and Bridges

The following general information is not to be construed as legal advice. It is a translation utilizing Google Translate and Tractoportal based on information derived from Mexico’s Federal Highways and Bridges (CAPUFE) website. To locate the source information, visit our Mexico links page, the CAPUFE site, locate the “Para viajar” tab, and click on “Seguro del usuario” on the pull-down menu. The original information is also provided below in Spanish. The Mexican federal website indicates it was last updated January 20, 2011. Note that monetary amounts are included. These would depend on the insurance policy and provider. Information is subject to change; therefore consult your own toll travel receipts and insurance documents for up-to-date information.

When driving on motorways operated CAPUFE (Mexico’s Federal Highways and Bridges) you are protected with liability insurance for damage to third parties.

If for any reason you are involved in an accident:

- Stay calm and if possible, park your car on the shoulder area.
- Carefully place emergency signals (reflective triangles).
- Report the incident to the nearest toll plaza, kiosk or station or by telephone to the following number: 01-800-823-1893. [Editor’s note: check your toll receipt for up-to-date contact information.]
- Report the incident location giving the approximate kilometer, a reference site as well as the make, model, color and plates of your car, and also report if there are other vehicles involved.
- Wait for the insurance company adjuster who will provide all the support required in the proceedings until their conclusion. Tell the adjuster if your vehicle is insured.

To apply user security it is important that you keep:

- Proof of payment of the collection period [ie. the paid toll receipt for the portion of highway you are traveling].
- The admission circular the adjuster will give the insurance company.
- A copy for the toll booth, kiosk or plaza.
- If applicable, a copy for the Federal Preventive Police.
- If applicable, a copy for the proceedings before the Public Ministry.
- Do not make any arrangements in particular, because it could hinder the implementation of insurance.
User insurance coverage:

If you are responsible for a traffic accident on the Federal Highways and Bridges operated by CAPUFE, insurance covers your legal liability to third parties protected by damages, including:

- Damage caused to the highway.
- Damage caused to other vehicles, including medical expenses of those occupants and pedestrians who are injured.
- Medical and funeral expenses of the driver and occupants of the responsible vehicle.

If you're not responsible for any traffic accident on the Federal Highways and Bridges operated by CAPUFE, the insurance covers:

- Costs for damage to your vehicle, the occupants of your unit and you, as a result of landslides or mudslides, objects within the path (broken windows, headlights and wheels only when there is loose pavement maintenance of the highway), holes, bumps, spills of substances that endanger roads and animals on the road.
- Damage you cause to the general means of communication.

Importantly, because it is civil liability insurance, if you are responsible for any accident, the insurance does not cover damage sustained by your vehicle.

If you are responsible for the accident, you pay the deductible.

Exclusions from Coverage

When the driver violates any of the rules or commits administrative violations such as:

1. Driving at excessive speed
2. Driving while intoxicated
3. Being under the influence of drugs
4. Lack of permits or valid driver’s license (only applies to vehicles over 1.5 tons)
a. Damage caused by commercial vehicles, private or public service more than 3.5 tons, when they travel with excess weight or dimensions exceed authorized applicable Standard issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transport
b. Costs of legal defense, security, deposit of any kind, pensions or harm vehicle depots
c. Cost of crane or drag when the vehicle requires it; the user is responsible for such services
d. Accidents caused due to tornadoes, snow, and poor visibility cause by fog or smoke, rain, puddles or slippery surfaces
e. When the driver directly or indirectly participates in races, including for endurance or speed
f. Damages for loss directly caused by strikers, riots, popular riots, vandalism and the like
g. Performance obligations arising from civil liability, criminal or professional risks that must solve the driver responsible for the accidents to the occupants of your vehicle
h. The loss or damage suffered or caused to the vehicle as a direct or indirect outcome of:
i. War or acts of war, declared or undeclared, insurrection, subversion, rebellion, expropriation, revolution, requisition, confiscation, seizure or detention by legally recognized authorities involved in such events on the occasion of their duties
ii. Loss or damage suffered or caused by the vehicle when used for any military service with or without the consent of the insured
iii. Intentional criminal acts directly engaged by the driver
iv. Quarrels provoked or not by the driver of the damaged vehicle
v. Acts of terrorism in one or more persons acting anonymously or by name and on behalf of any organization

Seguro del usuario

Al circular por las autopistas que opera CAPUFE está usted protegido con un seguro de responsabilidad civil por daños a terceros.

Si por alguna circunstancia usted se ve involucrado en algún accidente:

- Conserve la calma y si es posible estacione su automóvil en la zona de acotamiento.
- Con precaución, coloque señalamientos de emergencia (triángulos reflejantes).
- Reporte el incidente a la plaza de cobro más cercana a través de otro conductor, o por vía telefónica al siguiente número: 01800-823-1893.
- Informe de su ubicación dando el kilómetro aproximado, alguna referencia del lugar así como la marca, modelo, color y placas de su vehículo, informe también si hay otros automotores involucrados.
- Espere al ajusta por de la empresa aseguradora, quien le brindará todo el apoyo requerido en el procedimiento hasta su conclusión. Informe al ajustador si su vehículo está asegurado.

Para que aplique el seguro del usuario es importante que usted conserve:
- El comprobante de pago de la plaza de cobro.
- El volante de admisión que le entregará el ajustador de la Compañía de Seguros.
- Una copia del reporte de la plaza de cobro.
- En su caso, una copia del parte de la Policía Federal Preventiva.
- En su caso, una copia de las actuaciones ante el Ministerio Público.
- No haga ningún arreglo en lo particular, porque podría dificultar la aplicación del seguro.
Coberturas del seguro del usuario:
En caso de que usted sea responsable de algún accidente vial en las autopistas que opera CAPUFE, el seguro cubre su responsabilidad civil protegiéndole por daños a terceros, que incluye:
- Daños que cause a la autopista.
- Daños que ocasione a otros vehículos, incluyendo los gastos médicos de los ocupantes de ésos y de peatones que eventualmente resulten lesionados.
- Gastos médicos y funerarios de los ocupantes y conductor del vehículo responsable.
En caso de que usted no sea responsable de algún accidente vial en las autopistas que opera CAPUFE, el seguro cubre:
- Gastos por daños a su vehículo, a los ocupantes de su unidad y a su persona, como consecuencia de derrumbes o deslaves, objetos dentro del camino (roturas de cristales, faros y llantas sólo cuando haya pavimento suelto por mantenimiento de la autopista), hoyos, baches, derrame de sustancias que pongan en riesgo la vialidad y accidentes con animales.
- Daños que usted cause a las vías generales de comunicación.
Condiciones Generales del seguro:

Qualitas - Vigencia 2011/01/01 al 2011/12/31

Es importante informarle que por tratarse de un seguro de responsabilidad civil, en caso de que usted sea el responsable de algún accidente no se cubrirán los daños que sufra su vehículo.

En caso de que usted sea responsable del accidente, deberá pagar el deducible correspondiente.

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