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"two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." -- Robert Frost

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moving north toward Dawson Creek

Prince George, British Columbia
Our second night’s stop was Prince George. The city has several RV parks. We stayed at Hartway RV Park, about eight miles north of the city proper on Highway 97. The park was pet friendly and it offered us a chance to access Internet via Wi-Fi and catch up on email.

In early May, cold rain was melting ice
Hartway RV Park
7729 S. Kelly Rd.
Prince George V2K 2H5
tel: 1-250-962-8848
fax: 1-250-563-6947

The next day’s 245 mile journey to Dawson Creek would be pretty doable.

We had read about and considered staying at provincial parks along the way. Gates we saw along the route were closed and locked, with snow piled several feet behind them. The winter had been too heavy to make boondock camping possible.

Snow was too deep for us to do any provincial park camping
Getting ready for the Alaska Highway—Tires
One of our first tasks before taking off for the Alaska Highway was to check our trailer tires and truck tires. Truck tires, after examination, got replaced with new ones. The trailer tires were only a year old. We believed them road ready. Later, we encountered issues. But that is another story for a later day.

Things to bring to Alaska—navigation gear
Our electronic compass is built in to our truck’s information center. For RV travel or just on the road travel in unfamiliar cities and regions, we can always glance at the compass to confirm direction of travel. It never hurts to back up high-tech with low-tech.

While it’s not a necessity for RVing, a global positioning system (GPS) is certainly a useful tool. Our choice is a Garmin Nuvi that includes 6 million points of interest. We have named the friendly computerized voice that can lead us to 6,000,000 points of interest “Our Lady of Perpetual Navigation” and we call her OLPN for short. Now we wonder how we ever got where we were going before. 

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