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Monday, December 10, 2012

Route to Alaska

We were expected for work at the end of the first week in May. That meant we could count on some rather cool wet weather if not icy conditions. To make the journey easier, we took a lower-land route. Our entrance was north from Bellingham and US Interstate 5 to exit 256 to Highway 539 and straight for the border.

In May along the Alaska Highway, trees were
still bare and rivers remained icy
We entered British Columbia, Canada at the Aldergrove entrance. We headed up Canada Highway 1A to PH1 (provincial highway) 1 to Hope.  We spent our first night on the road in Hope at Telte Yet Campsite.

Summer Anchorage Weather and Daylight
Anchorage, Alaska, with its subarctic climate, sits in a coastal bowl surrounded by mountains, so it is not unusual for the city skies to be overcast with clouds. Summers are short and cool, although the frost-free growing season reportedly averages slightly over 100 days. Some people liken an Anchorage summer to San Francisco during spring.

Here is a three-month summer summary:
High: 63°F
Low: 48°F
Average: 56°F
Precipitation: 1.04"
During mid-May near Denali, the surrounding valley
was clear of snow but mountains remained covered

High: 65°F
Low: 53°F
Average: 59°F
Precipitation: 1.90"

High: 64°F
Low: 50°F
Average: 59°F
Precipitation: 2.89"

While average daytime summer temperatures range from approximately 55 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit weather can vary and be unpredictable. July is typically the warmest month with August having more rain. During our summer in Alaska 2012, mornings were commonly cool in the mid 40 degree range with high temperatures in the late afternoons around the 60 and 70 degree range.

By midsummer, at Emerald Lake on Highway 2 south
of Whitehorse en route to Skagway, snow has melted
The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, has 22 hours of functional daylight.

Anchorage big wild life: the official source for Anchorage, Alaska travel information

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