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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Arriving and Driving in Anchorage, Alaska

Driving in Anchorage with all of its one-way streets can be tricky, but there is an easy way to get your bearings. Remember that there are two highways named “1.” 

Photo Credit: Skyline of Anchorage From the Water: Region Southcentral:
Location Anchorage:

The Glenn Highway, 1, heads from Anchorage to points north and east such as Wasilla, Denali and Fairbanks.

The New Seward Highway, 1, terminates at its north end in downtown Anchorage. In its final northern few blocks, it is Ingra Street northbound and Gambell Street southbound.

The New Seward Highway southbound follows the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet to the Portage Valley, Whittier and the Kenai Peninsula that ultimately includes Seward and Homer.

Anchorage, Alaska map with thanks to the Alaska Public
Offices Commission (APOC)
A note about Alaska and satellite radio
In the lower 48, we subscribe and enjoy satellite radio. We were assured by a satellite radio rep that it would work in Alaska. The relationship between the satellites and far northern horizon is such that reception just didn’t happen. 

An Anchorage, Alaska Quiz

Q. In which Alaskan region is Anchorage located?
A. Southcentral.

Q. What is the official name of Anchorage?
A. The Municipality of Anchorage.

Things to bring to Alaska
We had heard and found it to be true that food is expensive by “lower 48” standards in Alaska. We had sticker shock when saw a single apple costing about four times what it would cost in Arizona. Upon reflection, it is easy to see why. Fresh fruit has to travel a long way to Alaska, so of course it is costly.

We packed and brought items that we figured would be expensive and perhaps hard to find. We left the rest to providence and it all turned out fine.

Costco, we discovered, holds their prices in Alaska close to “lower 48” prices. Once we were settled in to Anchorage, we shopped at Costco to take advantage of the prices. Similarly, Walmart proved to be great a great grocery resource. Other grocery stores such as Safeway, called Carr’s in Alaska, and Fred Meyer were also our go-to stops. With both, we followed the sale flyers online to take advantage of the current best buys. 

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