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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In and around Anchorage—Ship Creek & Ship Creek Trail

Walking, cycling and fishing in downtown Anchorage
Ship Creek Trail is a relatively flat walking and bicycling trail that extends 2.6 miles along the creek and the railroad tracks in Anchorage. We often entered the trail from a number of access points, including behind the Ulu Factory and from the parking lot of the Bay View Building on Ship Creek Avenue. 

The Ship Creek Salmon Viewing Platform on the footbridge that crosses Ship Creek gives visitors an opportunity to view salmon as they arrive for seasonal spawning. The bridge and trail also give visitors a chance to see some animated urban “combat” fishing when the season is high. Fishing is permitted as directed by Alaska Fish & Game. Night time fishing is prohibited. Fishermen need to note the cable that spans the creek downstream from the bridge and fish viewing platform, and only fish downstream of it.

Valid State of Alaska fishing licenses are available in a number of locations, from the downtown Army Navy Surplus store (an experience in its own right) to Walmart and sporting goods stores.

Traditionally, the king salmon run begins in early June and lasts until early to mid-July. Silvers, also known as coho, follow the kings, with a run from late July until as late as October.
Fishing takes place from the shore and via wading in Ship Creek
Ship Creek, center for combat fishing
Ship Creek has its source in the mountains atop Arctic Valley and flows into the Cook Inlet in Anchorage. Visitors stand along the bridge with its viewing platform in the hopes of seeing salmon throughout the summer months.

Fishermen fish from along the banks or wade into the creek to catch salmon during their various seasons--kings in early June until the middle of July and silver salmon most commonly in August. It is not uncommon during a big salmon run to see people fishing shoulder to shoulder in what is known as "combat fishing."

Disabled fishing access
Along the trail very near the Comfort Inn in Anchorage is an access point where less-sure-footed people including small children and those with disabilities can cast. It is the Sarah Bidwell Handicapped Fishing Platform. 

Summer clover bloom along the Ship Creek Trail

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