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Thursday, January 24, 2013

In and around Anchorage—Arctic Valley

Distance and Time: about 14 miles/30 minutes

Arctic Valley may be better known with Anchorage locals than with visitors.

A small stream atop Arctic Valley... the origin of Ship Creek? 
As we drove into Arctic Valley, we entered Moose Run Golf Course. This military course is open to civilians including visitors from far and wide. Together, Moose Run’s Hill and Creek Courses are known as “the world's northernmost 36-hole golf course.”

Wild geranium, one of many wildflowers in Arctic Valley
As the elevation increased on Arctic Valley Road, the driving became a bit steeper and more challenging. This area east of and high above Anchorage’s downtown invites visitors to hike, watch birds and other wildlife, see wildflowers and in the summer pick berries. At the top near the Arctic Valley Ski Area, set among a thicket of trees, we found a wellspring of water we were told is the origin of Ship Creek.

The valley is accessible from Arctic Valley Road, a little more than a 20 minute drive from Anchorage. From downtown Anchorage, take the Glenn Highway east toward Eagle River. Take the first exit for Arctic Valley and follow the road to the ski area.

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