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Monday, January 7, 2013

Perspectives on Anchorage--boat and train

Commemorative anchor at the small boat launch
Anchorage Small Boat Launch
Photography provided by Visit Anchorage
In and around Anchorage—
Anchorage Small Boat Launch
The small boat ramp in Anchorage, while it does not offer much in the way of park ambiance or seating, offers some panoramic views of the water and the city. To get there, we traveled north on C Street, crossed Ship Creek, bent left onto Ocean Dock Road and drove on Ocean Dock between the stacks of containers. We continued to the end and found ample parking.

Anchorage Small Boat Launch on a cloudy day
Alaska Railroad Whistle Stops
Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of an old-fashioned idea—the train whistle stop. As just one example, the train that runs south from Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet lets people off at Girdwood. There is no station, but there is plenty of opportunity for adventuring for a few hours before catching the return train.

Alaska Railroad train along the Turnagain Arm near Girdwood

Anchorage, Alaska Q & A continued…
Q. Is Anchorage an international city?
A. If the school district is any indication, most certainly it is. In local schools, the number of languages approaches 100.

Q. On the North American continent, is there a community larger than Anchorage that lies on the north side of the 60th parallel?
A. No. Anchorage is the largest.

Q. Anchorage is the Alaska city with the highest percentage of people who reside there. Is there another U.S. state with a higher percentage of people in its largest city?
A. Yes. New York. It is the only other state. 

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